‘Dead Cells’ Hits iOS, Still No Date For Android

August 28, 2019 0 By Brian Crecente

Colorful permadeath sidescrolling hack-and-slash “Dead Cells” is now available on iOS, publisher Playdigious announced Wednesday.

The Motion-Twin-published winner of just enough awards to fill the screen in its new trailer is currently on sale for $7.99 for its launch window. That price buys the full game, free of ads and free-to-play mechanics, according to the publisher.

The mobile version includes custom controls that feature a virtual thumbstick, myriad buttons to tap for specials, and the ability to turn on an auto-hit function. If you prefer to use a physical controller, you can do that too.

“Dead Cells” initially won over critics with its PC and console releases last August with its permadeath approach to action platforming. In the 2D game, players explore an ever-changing castle, fighting past an increasingly difficult set of monsters and keepers.

The developers spent the past year tweaking and updating the already well-received game.

Free updates for the title include several significant patches that did things like tweak the weapons, tactics, and even added new mobs. The A massive “Who’s the Boss” update delivered seven new weapons, each tied to the game’s bosses. Players need to beat the game’s bosses to claim their weapons.

The publisher noted that “Dead Cells” is still coming to Android devices; it just doesn’t have a time frame yet.